Naši dragi partneri iz Atria Group ove godine organizuju čak petu po redu Coaching konfrenciju koja će se održati 27. marta u Beogradu!

Starting point of every success is the wish. Anyway, we will be successful only if that is important for us as the breathing is. That means that every impulse is counted. That by every heart beat we are closer to our goal. If we are speaking about team management, continuous learning and self-development, us as parents or us in next 10 years, we can say that coaching is proven and faithful partner on our way to success. Five years in a row we are working on development of leaders and managers by using coaching as a tool that really makes a difference. We believe in continuous and exponential development of human potential. We also believe that a human is harmonious and inseparable whole of its own society roles, that are well combined into a unique symphony.

This year’s Coaching Conference is dedicated to you! To what is really important to you. According to that, we carefully picked the topics and the speakers.

There is only one direction- SUCCESS. Just keep moving forward!

Više informacija o konferenciji možete pronaći OVDE.

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